By teaming up with Ben Baller on this collaboration project,
we are bringing a little piece of LA to London.

The special relationship between the UK &
America continues to grow
continues to be exactly that, special!

We at Presentedby “London foremost high-end sneaker boutique” are creating pathways with like-minded sneakerheads, music legends, and artists. That cross the Atlantic and land squarely at the doors of both New York and LA.

Ben Baller, the music producer – turned custom jeweller to the stars, have standards as high as ours at Presentedby, so this partnership was always going to happen. By working closely together, we have created a collection that sets new standards in design and manufacture, as well as its presentation.

At Presentedby, we know that you demand the very best and this, we will always deliver.

Ben Baller • Presentedby = Flawless Clarity only allowed!